Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Do you accept insurance?

No, I am sorry that I do not.  However, I do accept Mastercard and Visa.  You are encouraged to establish a rhythm to our working together that is in line with your time and energy, in addition to your financial budget. 

2.  How often must I attend?

Once I met with a new client who explained that she needed help making a decision.  She had saved up for this one counseling session,  had thought long and hard, and was clear about her two choices, but needed help eliminating one and moving forward with the other.   I only saw her that one time, and it was an honor to facilitate exercises allowing her to explore each of the choices, to validate her experiences, and to support her as she worked toward resolution.

Therapy is a commitment to yourself and requires time and energy inside and outside of  therapy sessions. Once a week is ideal for beginning a relationship in order to complete a history and make a connection. Weekly is also best when we are working actively with acute issues. With a completed history, mutually agreed upon treatment goals, and a plan for our work going forward, you may choose to space out the sessions, completing suggested homework on your own in between our scheduled time together.  Weekly sessions can be resumed when necessary or optimal, depending upon availability.

3.  Do you ever work on the telephone?

As a matter of fact, yes.  Some years ago I was part of a teleconsultation group; six clinicians would call in and work with a teacher.  At one point, I volunteered to work with a colleague on a specific skill. To my great surprise, our connection was strong, immediate, and filled with a sense of presence -- despite a geographical distance of thousands of miles.

At times, clients elect to complete the history over the telephone, and choose to meet in person to begin working with their presenting problem. Some may follow phone work with  a visit to this area for a week of multiple sessions. Others prefer to meet me first and, when our history is complete, do the work over the phone. Not all issues are appropriate for telephone work.  If you have any questions about your personal situation, feel free to contact me with the details.

4.  I am in counseling with someone else, can I see you too?

Sometimes. For instance, if you are in couples counseling with someone else, he or she may welcome you working with your own individual therapist.  Or, if you are already in counseling with a therapist that you are very happy with, but that therapist does not offer EMDR, AIT, or EFP and you would like to add those modalities to your healing work, I am happy to work with you and your primary therapist to coordinate treatment.  I frequently receive referrals for EMDR while the client maintains the ongoing relationship with their primary therapist. If you are interested, please ask the person you are currently working with, or feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.